Asset Management

Intelligent Asset Management –
with trescore’s help!

Asset management deals with the management and the maintenance of assets during their entire life cycle. This includes tools, machines, vehicles or buildings. To manage these, a combination of electronics, software and services is often used, which offers considerable improvement opportunities from an IIoT perspective.

The use of various sensors allows the continuous collection of data to automate processes, optimise maintenance planning or establish new business models!

Intelligent asset management solutions can help you to…

  • … maximise the uptime of your assets.

  • … reduce the costs for operational readiness.

  • … extend the total lifespan of your assets.

  • … increase the safety of your employees through targeted maintenance.

  • … gain a better overview of your processes.

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Individual technologies for your use-case:


Suitable for networking IoT devices due to high network coverage with very low power consumption.


Bluetooth Low Energy for power-saving and cost-effective networking of devices over short distances.

Wireless Charging

Easy charging of (IoT) devices with wireless charging technology.


Ultra-wideband communication for distance measurement in the near field and inside buildings.


Global-Positioning-System for locating equipment with metre accuracy.


Radio frequency identification for position determination in designated areas without an energy source.

Your benefits:

Take your asset management to the next level by using an IoT solution! Benefit from the advantages that intelligent networking of your assets creates and consider the following use cases:

  • Real-time information on the material flow: Keep an overview by always knowing where which part is at what time.

  • Digital management of your assets: Manage your assets centrally & digitally!

  • Evaluations via web portal: Call up usage information at any time and find out about the status of your facilities.

  • Real-time tracking: Know where your assets are at all times and prevent theft or unintentional loss with real-time tracking.

  • New business opportunities: Tap into previously undiscovered business potential with pay-per-X models!

  • Plug-and-play solution: Benefit from the easy expansion of the system through plug-and-play character!

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