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More sustainability with smart tracking solutions

Track your way to sustainability - how smart tracking solutions help companies achieve more sustainability. Manufacturing companies that want to optimize their processes while achieving their sustainability goals should look into the topic of smart tracking solutions. By using sensors, software, data analysis tools or other technologies such as GPS, RFID, NB-IoT or UWB, companies [...]

Cameras or sensors for the IoT?

Today’s blog post is all about the Internet of Things (IoT) and what companies need to look out for when implementing it. Today we present two selected systems with their respective advantages and disadvantages. These are the camera-based and the sensor-based system. […]

Support programs for digitization in SMEs

Today’s blog post is all about funding programs for digitization in SMEs. There are a variety of funding programs at the federal and state level. Today, we present two selected funding opportunities at the federal level and go into detail about the respective requirements for your company as well as the amount of possible financial [...]

The relevance of IoT in the medium-sized business sector

International corporations have already been benefiting for years from the increasing networking of their products as part of the IoT. From fitness wristbands and smart assistants to the networking of vehicles, more data is being generated and used than ever before. But how can German SMEs also benefit from these technologies? […]

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