More sustainability with smart tracking solutions

Track your way to sustainability – how smart tracking solutions help companies achieve more sustainability.

Manufacturing companies that want to optimize their processes while achieving their sustainability goals should look into the topic of smart tracking solutions.
By using sensors, software, data analysis tools or other technologies such as GPS, RFID, NB-IoT or UWB, companies can optimize energy and resource consumption in their operations and thus reduce their environmental impact. It is also possible to better manage and monitor supply chains, inventories and production processes. Companies can thus reduce their resource consumption while minimizing the environmental footprint of their products.
In our blog, we present several ways smart tracking solutions can help your company become more sustainable.

1. improve energy and resource efficiency

By using IoT sensors and smart algorithms, companies can optimize the energy consumption of their assets such as machinery. Sensors can monitor performance and energy consumption and provide real-time data. Using this data, companies can identify savings and take targeted actions to reduce energy consumption and use resources more efficiently.

2. reduce waste and wastefulness

By monitoring the quantities of raw materials, intermediate or finished products through smart technologies, companies can better plan their ordering and reorder more proactively. This leads not only to cost savings, but also to a positive environmental impact and sustainable business operations.

3. extending the useful life

Smart technologies can also extend the useful life of assets. For this, smart technologies monitor the condition of assets in real time and use predictive maintenance models. In this way, company vehicles, forklifts, and other material handling equipment can be effectively monitored and maintained.

4. improving traceability

Smart asset tracking solutions can also help improve the traceability of containers, pallets or boxes. Companies can track whereabouts in the supply chain in real time, increasing transparency and accountability. This can help companies act more ethically and sustainably and build consumer trust.

5. maximize uptime

By tracking the exact locations of your machines, you can better distribute workload across your fleet to avoid wear and tear and overuse of individual machines. This helps you extend the uptime of your assets and increase the efficiency of your operations.

6. improved security

Computers, laptops, tablets, servers and other IT devices are valuable assets for businesses. Tracking these devices helps monitor their location, usage and security.

7. better overview of processes

Locating industrial trucks provides better visibility into your processes. Tracking location and operational data can help you identify and fix bottlenecks and inefficient operations in your business. As a result, you can optimize your processes and increase the productivity of your operation.





In summary, smart tracking solutions can make a significant contribution to business sustainability. By implementing IoT technologies, processes can be optimized and emissions reduced, bringing not only environmental benefits but also economic advantages.
Continuous monitoring of resources and processes can maximize uptime and extend the overall life of assets. In addition, targeted maintenance activities enable greater safety for employees and more efficient use of resources.

Better visibility into processes and resources not only helps improve operational efficiency, but also enables companies to identify potential for saving resources and reducing emissions.
Considering the benefits offered by smart tracking solutions, we recommend that companies integrate these technologies into their operations. With the challenges of climate change and the increasing need to promote sustainable business practices in mind, investing in these technologies not only makes environmental sense, but is also an opportunity for companies to strengthen their competitiveness and cement their position as leaders in their industry.
At trescore, we believe that sustainability is one of the most important tasks of our time. Let us work together to develop customized IoT solutions for your company to contribute to environmental protection and sustainability with the help of smart technologies. Contact us today and let’s talk together about your individual use case.


By Published On: 30. May 2023Categories: IoT

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